HCPL Display Case

The Hancock County Public Library offers non-profit groups and individuals the use of its display case for special exhibits that support the library’s mission, programs, and services. As a community center, the library invites groups and individuals to share educational, artistic, and cultural materials with the public. Use of the library’s display case is subject to the following rules and regulations:

  1. A Display Case Request and Agreement Form must be completed and signed by the exhibitor prior to use of the library’s display case. Groups and individuals may request to use the display case up to two (2) times per calendar year.
  2. The Director, or designated representative, will approve or reject all display case requests based on appropriateness, relevance, aesthetic appeal, public interest, and overall contribution to the library’s environment. The library reserves the right to deny use of the display case to any group or individual.
  3. Permission for a group or individual to use the display case does not constitute the library’s endorsement of the policies or beliefs represented in the display.
  4. The library assumes no responsibility or liability for the preservation, protection, loss of or damage to any part of a display at any time (including changes in color, odor, texture, etc.). Exhibitors are encouraged to insure items of value and will be required to sign the Display Case Request and Agreement Form, releasing the library from responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction. All items brought to and placed in the library for display are done so by the exhibitor, or designated party, at the owner’s risk.
  5. The display case may not be used for:
    • Political promotion or representation (political parties, individual candidates, etc.)
    • Promotion or representation of specific religious or philosophical/motivational groups.
    • Promotion or representation of a for-profit business.
    • Display of material that is obscene or defamatory. Exhibits should be appropriate for people of all ages to view.
    • Promotion or representation of any activity or purpose that is in violation of local, state, or federal ordinances or laws, including copyright and public performance laws.
  6. The library will not be involved in the sale of any item on display. No prices or price lists are to appear with the exhibit, nor will library staff give any indication of an item’s value. If the display includes materials that are for sale, pricing must be obtained directly from the owner/artist without any involvement of the library.
  7. The library’s display case measures 65” H and 17.5” D with 2 sections each measuring 85” W available for public displays. Space can be reserved by section. All sections may not be available at one time.
  8. The library display case is kept locked at all times except during setup and removal. Setup and removal times are to be agreed upon and scheduled with a delegated library staff member.
  9. The library reserves the right to enhance displays with library materials that will contribute to the presentation and promote library resources.
  10. No group or individual may reassign the use of the display case to another unapproved group or individual. The display must appear as described in the approved Display Case Request and Agreement Form.
  11. Priority will be given to library-sponsored displays.
  12. Display case requests must be made 3-12 months in advance of the exhibit. Requests more than 12 months in advance will not be accepted.
  13. A description with or without photographs of the display may be included and used in the library’s website, e-newsletter, programs, local newspapers, and other promotions, at the library’s discretion.
  14. The library reserves the right to cancel or shorten the length of any scheduled display providing the exhibitor receives seven (7) days notice. Each display will be limited to 2-4 weeks.

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