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What should I read next?

whatWhat should I read now? Have you ever finished the best book ever written and felt like there could not possibly be any books as good as that one. Never fear! You can find a great book to read again.

Our library has a fantastic??online resource called Novelist.?? All you need to do is type in the title or author of a book that you have read and really enjoyed.?? Novelist will give you suggestions based on it and even given you a reason why it is similar to your favorite book.?? Novelist lets you browse lists based on Genre, just click the TEEN tab first if you only want to browse teen books.

After you find your next great read, you need to check if we have it available.?? If it is checked out, you can put a hold on it.?? If we don’t have??the book??you can request to purchase it or we can try and borrow it from another library for you!

Now that you have found your next great book, HAPPY READING!



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