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Free Comic Book Day: May 5, 2018


What is Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is always on the first Saturday of May. This year that is May 5. It is where comic book shops promote comic books by giving them to patrons for free. It is perfect time to try out comics for those who are newly interested or to discover a new series that may become one of your new favorites.


Where can I get in on this?


Hometown Comics, Greenfield’s local comic shop,??is participating this year, like they have for the last 8 years. According to their event page:

For this one day only each person can pick out 4 of the Special “Free Comic Book Day” comics.
We will also have special guests including local author George Kramer and “The Finest” A G.I. Joe costuming club.
We will also have specials, drawings for prizes and of course Fun.



Warm Up With a Good Comic Book

As many of you may know, the Teen Room is home to many of your favorite superhero comics. However, did you know that you can access some of these comic books (and some that we don???t physically have) through Hoopla?

Well, you can! Here is just a small sample of what you can find on Hoopla:

1 2 3 5

6 7 84


Now I know what you???re probably thinking: ???That???s great, Librarian Lady, but how do I even get to this thing????

Very, very simply my friend. You can find it on the main page of the library website. You just click the link!



The best part about Hoopla is it’s FREE through HCPL.

So, there is literally nothing between you and your favorite world saving hero. What are you waiting for?


Comic Book Club: HCPL’s Mightiest Teens

Avengers Comics


As ??you might have guessed, our Comic Book Club topic for today is: AVENGERS!??We’ll be celebrating the release of Age of Ultron ??tomorrow and Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. Come ready to talk everything and anything Avengers. Comics will be on hand to check out or read during the club. Don’t know anything about the Avengers? – No worries, we’ll watch a brief history of who the Avengers??are and??how they formed and transformed into “The World’s Mightiest Heroes!”


Looking forward to some great discussion and fun! See you comic enthusiasts at 4! (Remember: we’re meeting in the Youth Program Room today.)



What is Your Villain Name?

Yes, I found another entertaining name generator –

Use the 1st letter of your first name and the 1st letter of your last name:

Have fun, evil-doers! Feel free to post your names below.

– The Dark Creature (aka Sarah – cue scary lightening, Muwahahahaa!)

Happy for the Day: Baby Groot!

Dance like no one’s watching, my friends!

Sarah, reading All-Star Superman, by Grant Morrison