Policy on Video Surveillance

Guidelines for Use

Video surveillance systems are to be used to aid the library staff in monitoring the overall security of the library for the purpose of protecting the library property and the safety of library staff and patrons.

Public Notice of Video Surveillance system

Signage will be posted at the entrance of libraries where a video surveillance system is installed and in use. Signage will include notification of interior and exterior surveillance depending library location and surveillance system.

Storage of Recorded Video Footage

As a general rule, recorded video images will be retained for no less than 7 days, or until the capacity of the system has been reached. Once the capacity of the system has been reached, the oldest stored images will automatically be deleted by the system software to make room for new images.

Access to Video Surveillance Footage

The Director, Assistant Director, designated Managers and senior staff are authorized to access to archival surveillance footage. Authorized individuals, with notice to the Director, may ask other staff to review recorded data to ascertain security concerns related to a specific incident.

All requests for security camera footage or still photographs by law enforcement will be referred to the Director. In his or her absence, direct requests to the Senior Administrative Person.

General Public Requests to Access Video Surveillance Footage

Confidentiality/privacy issues prohibit the general public from viewing security camera footage. Access to video surveillance footage will only be made available to law enforcement and when required by law. At no time will video surveillance footage access be provided to the general public.

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