Your Next Great Read

Not sure what to read next? Just tell us what you love or hate, and our reading experts will pick out up to five books just for you! Select a librarian with similar interests below to get a personalized recommendation, or fill out our general form. Just want a big stack of kids' books? We can do that too!

Your Next Great Read - General Form

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Paul - Adult Services Manager

My Expertise
I oversee the adult services department. 

My Bookshelf
I like to read history, sociology, newspapers, and funny fiction.

Favorite Book: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

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Kristen - Youth Services Manager

My Expertise
I oversee all of the youth materials - fiction, nonfiction, DVDs, video games, and digital.

My Bookshelf
I love YA fiction - mostly mysteries, dystopian, adventure, and horror. I also like books with high stakes romance and novels in verse.

Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling.

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Stephanie - Tween/Teen Librarian

My Expertise
I select graphic novels for children and young adults.

My Bookshelf
I read adult nonfiction, mostly physiology (how the body works), anthropology, and psychology (I'm a self-help enthusiast).

Favorite Authors: Sarah Knight, Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Lieberman, and Robert Lustig.

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Veronica - Adult Librarian

My Expertise
I select adult 0-299 nonfiction like UFOs, technology, the occult, self help, philosophy, and religion. I also select genealogy and local history resources.

My Bookshelf
I like to read fast-paced books. My favorite genres are suspense, horror, and thriller.

Favorite Authors: Caitlin Doughty, Lisa Jewell, Josh Malerman, Riley Sager, Simone St. James, and Ruth Ware.

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Jesse - Media Services Librarian

My Expertise
I select adult DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, and graphic novels.

My Bookshelf
I like to read horror, sci-fi, and manga. I especially enjoy audiobooks and reading with my kids.

Favorite Book: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and the Old Man’s War series by John Scalzi.

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Nicole - Adult Librarian

My Expertise
I select all of the adult fiction books.

My Bookshelf
I like to read about owls, the weather, baking, true crime, cozy mysteries, and humor.

Favorite Authors: Janet Evanovich, Laura Levine, Joanne Fluke, Sophie Kinsella, Ree Drummond, Carl Hiaasen, and Tim Dorsey.

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