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Comic Book Club: HCPL’s Mightiest Teens

Avengers Comics


As ??you might have guessed, our Comic Book Club topic for today is: AVENGERS!??We’ll be celebrating the release of Age of Ultron ??tomorrow and Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. Come ready to talk everything and anything Avengers. Comics will be on hand to check out or read during the club. Don’t know anything about the Avengers? – No worries, we’ll watch a brief history of who the Avengers??are and??how they formed and transformed into “The World’s Mightiest Heroes!”


Looking forward to some great discussion and fun! See you comic enthusiasts at 4! (Remember: we’re meeting in the Youth Program Room today.)



Hey There, Comic Enthusiasts!

It’s spring break, and we’re continuing to nerd-out over our favorite comics! Today’s Comic Book Club will be discussing TEEN TITANS!

teen titans comics


What do you like about Teen Titans? What are your favorite characters and why? How do the comics vs. the shows compare? Ponder these questions and discuss in our friendly gathering. Comics will be on hand to browse or take home!



Comic Book Club this Thursday!

Hey there fellow comic book lovers! I’ll be hauling out the Bat-signal for this week’s comic book club. Come ready to talk about anything and all Batman through the years. Don’t know anything about Batman – No worries – we’ll be answering questions and learning together.

What has made Batman one of the most quintessential superheroes? Share your thoughts and opinions in friendly discussion. Batman graphic novels will be on hand to read or glance through. I’ll also be giving away a special prize at random!

See you Thursday (1/27) at 4pm!

– Sarah