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Teens Learn Basic First Aid

hancock regional hospital logoOn October 19th, Adam, Jason, and Jocelyn from Hancock Regional Hospital came to the library to teach our teens some basic first aid. They taught them what they should do if they are with someone who is passed out, choking, bleeding, or having an allergic reaction. Because of those awesome instructors, the library has some teens that will know what to do in some crisis situations.



photo collage of first aid class

If you missed this program or are interested in more information on this topic, you can visit Hancock Regional Hospital online or contact Jocelyn, the AHA Training Center Coordinator, at




Teen Magical Lock-in

On Friday, October 13, HCPL hosted a Teen Magical Lock-in. There was pizza, crafts, games, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

In case you missed it, I thought I would post a little piece of the lock-in for you.

One of the crafts we made was a wand. Below are some wand making instructions.

Harry Potter Wands


Create a Wand

Materials Needed:

-paper                -paint

       -hot glue                 -paint brushes

-hot glue gun


1. Tightly roll a sheet of paper from the corner.

2. Hot glue the roll securely.

3. Cut ends and then plug them with hot glue to make rounded ends.

4. Use hot glue to create designs on your wand.

5. Let the hot glue harden and cool.

6. Paint your wand.

7. Let dry.

Don’t miss any awesome library events. Check out the Teen Events page for upcoming programs!

Teen Anime and Manga Club – September

This month we watched Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods, which is a cute and funny anime about a girl who lives at a shrine. She can see and interact with spirits and messenger gods in order to help out those who come to her.

If you liked Gingitsune, check out some of these Anime and Manga titles from our collection!

Inu Yasha

Fruits Basket

Kamisama Kiss

Do you know of other anime or manga titles that are similar to Gingitsune? Share them in the comments!

Don’t miss the next Teen Anime and Manga Club on Thursday, October 26 from 4pm to 5pm!

Teen Anime and Manga Club – August

Our first Teen Anime and Manga Club of this school year was on August 24.

This month we watched Cluster Edge, which is an action packed show about a school full of elite, including mechanical genius (with supernatural abilities) Agate. Watch as Agate tries to find his place in a world where artificial soldiers and religious sects are vying for power.


If you liked Cluster Edge, check out some of these Anime and Manga titles from our collection!

Pumpkin Scissors

Fullmetal Alchemist

The Last Exile

Black Bulter




Don’t miss the next Teen Anime and Manga Club on Thursday, September 21 from 4pm to 5pm!

ComedySportz Indianapolis came to Sugar Creek

On Saturday, July 1st, ComedySportz Indianapolis came to our Sugar Creek Branch to teach us a little bit about improv comedy. During their time with us, they gave us some tips on improv comedy and played games that would help improve our improv skills.

If you were unable to make it or just want to try out some improv comedy, try the game below!

Story Circle

  1. Everyone stands in a circle with one person playing the Host.
  2. The host asks two people in the circle a question and combines their answers into a title.

Example: The first question is: “What were you looking forward to during the summer?” They answered “The pool.” The second question is “What is an animal you wouldn’t find in a pool?” They answered: “A bullfrog.” The title then becomes “The pool and the bullfrog.”

  1. The host then tells the circle two or three things that have to happen in the story.

Example: there has to be 3 characters and there has to be some sadness in the story

  1. Everyone goes around the circle saying one word at a time to create a story.


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