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Coming to the Divergent Lock-in?

We’re going to have an awesome time at the Divergent Lock-In THIS Friday!! We’re planning out our Faction Maze Test, fun Faction activities, notifying local pizza places that we’ll be ordering A TON of pizza – You know awesome stuff like that.

The only thing that won’t be awesome is if you forget your permission slip and end up FACTIONLESS¬† (i.e. you are locked out of the lock-in and have to go home)

So please remember your permission slip so you can join one of these lovely factions!

“One choice can transform you.” (Still talking permission slips! HA),

Sarah, midway through Guy in Real Life by Steven Brezenoff (Love!)

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Comments (2)

  1. Becca Barker

    Sarah,you should post the pictures of Cody on the blog from the face painting that alyssa and i did!! lol