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Teens Read the Way Volunteer Parties!

Congrats and THANK YOU to all our teen volunteers for this year’s Teens Read the Way program. Over the past 6 weeks, you’ve bonded with and become a treasured reading mentor for children across Hancock County.


To celebrate a job well done we’re throwing pizza & movie parties at both Greenfield and Sugar Creek locations. Sugar Creek volunteers, your party is today (7/15), Greenfield is tomorrow (Wednesday, 7/16) starting with the s’more party @ 3pm. Help your reading buddies make s’mores and pick out a book for them to take home! Immediately following the s’more party will be our volunteer party with FREE pizza and the movies chosen by you!


Showing @ Sugar Creek                                Showing @ Greenfield


Hope to see you all at our celebrations! And THANK YOU AGAIN!! 🙂


Sarah, re-reading Divergent by Veronica Roth in celebration of the Divergent Lock-in on Friday!

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