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Attention Anime Club Members:

Post below with anime you’d like to watch at our next meeting!



 ~ Sarah


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Comments (9)

  1. Lucas

    1. My Neighbor Totoro
    2. Kiki’s Delivery service
    3. Fullmetal Alchemist
    4. One Piece

  2. Aden

    1. Kuroshitsuji (black butler)
    2. Fruits Basket
    3. Ouran High School Host Club
    4. (Movie) PONYO!

  3. Aden

    When is the next club meeting? Sorry that i missed the last one!

  4. Elizabeth

    1. Sailor Moon Crystal
    2. Sword Art Online 2
    3. Any studio Ghibli Movie
    4. Ouran High School Host Club
    5. Watamote

  5. Sarah

    1. The Secret World Of Arriety
    2. One Piece
    3. Dragon Ball

  6. Aden

    We also need to watch Mei and the Kittenbus, the sequel to My Neighbor Totoro!

  7. Sarah

    Also KiKi’s Delivery Service!! That sounds good.

  8. Ben

    Evangelion 3.0 you can (not) Redo
    Kill la Kill
    Gurren Lagann