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Anime Club TODAY

Hi Guys,

Remember anime club is TODAY and not on our usual Thursday!

See you all at 4!


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Comments (4)

  1. luke

    i know that this is an old-ish post, but i thought i should say this early. i dont think we should watch cowboy bebop at anime club, because my mom wouldn’t want my little sister, Sarah, to watch it, with all the blood and drug references, and my older sister, Allison, would get a little embarrassing and ask you to turn it off in front of everyone. It is very unfortunate that all the best animes are so mature.

    • Hey Luke,

      Thank you for voicing your concern. We will not be watching Cowboy Bebop during our anime club. The show is actually rated TV-MA, so we’d actually never watch it during our meetings. We’ll only ever watch shows PG-13 or under, so your sisters and mom can be sure we won’t watch anything too violent or bloody. It is a great anime though! Our mission will be to find awesome anime in the PG-13 and under category! Thanks again for sharing your concern.


  2. luke

    also, if you have an xfinity account, you may be able to find anime’s like this one censored, because when they air on Adult Swim, they cut out enough to air it on tv, and when they play movies, like Akira, they put them on Demand. But it still may be TV-MA on there to, i don’t really know.