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The Young Elites by Marie Lu

It is my turn to use.  My turn to hurt.  ~Adelina Amouteru

Adelina has survived a fever and is now a malfetto or marked.  Malfettos are looked down on by society and some are rumored to have special powers.  Society calls those with the powers the Young Elites.  The Inquisitors hunt down the Young Elites.  The Dagger Society is  a secret group of Young  Elites who are trying to find other Elites before the Inquisitors.  Who will get to Adelina first?

If you like fast-paced fantasy with a darker tone, this series is for you!

Click here to see if it is available today! 



P.S. The second book in the series, The Rose Society, is already out.  The third book is scheduled to be released on October 11, 2016.

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