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Christopher Hinchcliffe

On May 24, 2018 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, Christopher Hinchcliffe, author of Chasing Checkers, will be visiting the library. He will talk about his book and will even have time for questions and a book signing. It is an author visit for readers, aspiring authors, and race fans alike.

If you haven???t checked out Chasing Checkers, you should. It is about Teddy ???Chex??? Clark, who is a Canadian teen that has just gotten a huge break towards his dream of being a Formula One driver.


If you are at all interested in racing, this is the book for you. The parts of the book that cover what it is like to be racing is extremely accurate.

James Hinchcliffe

It should be, as Hinchcliffe has a??really good source to draw from:??his brother, Indy Car racer and??Dancing with the Stars??contestant, James Hinchcliffe. By the end of the book, you will not only be wanting the next book in the series (which he has been working on), but you will also be looking up ???How to become a race car driver??? on Google.

Don???t know much about racing? Neither did I! However, Hinchcliffe does an amazing job of explaining racing jargon and concepts. The best part is that he flawlessly mixes it into the novel instead of halting the story with boring paragraphs dryly explaining. So no previous knowledge needed!

Check out??Chasing Checkers??and check out Christopher Hinchcliffe on May 24th at the Hancock County Public Library.

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