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“Why be the sheep, when you can be the wolf?”


Grave Mercy???????????????? Dark Triumph

Assassins, intrigue, treachery, a splash of well-written romance, and a cast of characters you will fall instantly in love with are what lie within the pages of Robin LaFevers’ “His Fair Assassins” series. Grave Mercy (book 1) and Dark Triumph (book 2) follow two separate, yet intertwined stories of female assassins, Ismae and Sybella, in their quest to save their country’s freedom from greed and dreadful oppression. Who can be trusted in this deadly game? Can hope, let alone love be found in this web of war, deceit, and vengeance? I highly recommend these books to anyone – Or anyone looking for historical fantasy, a romance story sparing the gooey-mushy stuff, or a story with strong female heroines. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up these books today. You won’t be able to put them down – I know I couldn’t.

Now I eagerly await the release of Mortal Heart (book 3) which is said to hit the shelves sometime in 2014. (During which I will probably marathon-read this series over again 10-20 more times in anticipation!)



Happy Reading!


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