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It’s Here, It’s Here! It’s Finally Here! WINTER BOOK FEST!!!!


Our celebration of The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, starts on Saturday, February 1st!!! THAT”S ONLY 2 MORE DAYS AWAY!!!!



We’ll be giving away prizes every week in February for participating. By just coming to the library and/or reading books you can win prizes – YES – Prizes including $$ to iTunes, GameStop, Subway, & Amazon!!!


Want to know how to win this awesome free stuff??


On Saturday, February 1st our Winter Book Fest link will be live on the website. You just have to register online ONCE – After that there are SEVERAL ways to win MULTIPLE chances to win the free & awesome stuff.


Paper slips will be available at the Information Desk along with a Teen Winter Book Fest drawing box. Just put your chances in the box and fingers crossed you win! Here are the ways to earn entries:


Read The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak OR Any Book on the Teen WWII/Holocaust Reading List (available in Teen Room & Information Desk). We’ll have 5 copies of The Book Thief that will stay in the Teen Room so you’re guaranteed to get your hands on a copy. Every book you read gets you a chance to win a weekly prize.


Attend a program – Any program in February – The more you attend the more chances you get!



Donate or share a book with friends or neighbors.



Create art based on The Book Thief – We’ll display it in the library all through February.



Give back to the community’s non-profit organizations – Donate 1 hour of your time to help out a good cause!



Post a photo of you or someone reading The Book Thief on your Facebook page, and tag the “Hancock County Public Library” in a public post.



Watch Harrison Ford in a movie @ the library on Feb. 19th …


…No, no – the one where he fights the Nazis….





Looking forward to seeing you all in the library this February – And to giving out our awesome prizes!

See you soon!

Sarah, currently reading Doll Bones, by Holly Black



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