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Final week for Winter Reading WINNING!

Here we are again – The final week of February. You know what that means – 1 MORE CHANCE TO WIN FROM WINTER BOOK FEST! I’ve GIVEN AWAY OVER $100 IN FREE STUFF to 3 lucky peeps so far, and there is still one more prize left! Read, volunteer, donate a book, come to our last program for February – Tween/Teen Gaming. Our Xbox and Wii + tons of games + snacks will be set up for your gaming pleasure.

Are you going to miss out on your last chance to win $$$ for stuff you love?


Be like Sonic gettingĀ  rings and get your Winter Book Fest prize!


Don’t miss out and be like


See you at the library, HCPL peeps.

Sarah, currently LOVING Grasshopper Jungle: A History by Andrew Smith


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