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Anime Club TOMORROW (June 4)

little busters

HCPL Otaku – Remember Anime Club is TOMORROW 4-6pm (June 4) and not on our normal 3rd Thursday. We will start up with 3rd Thursdays again in July, so our next meeting will be on July 16th, 4-6pm.

Spread the word, and I’ll see you TOMORROW JUNE 4th for ANIME CLUB! 🙂



anime 4-9

Hey Anime Club peeps, remember Anime Club is TODAY and not our normal 3rd Thursday! We’ll be watching anime from the shows we voted for last meeting. Today’s club will feature Kamisama Kiss, Naruto, and the short film Kakurenbo. You can make your own fox mask like the kids in Kakurenbo too.

See everyone at 4pm for Pocky and fun!


Anime Club TODAY

Hi Guys,

Remember anime club is TODAY and not on our usual Thursday!

See you all at 4!


Anime Club


Hey Anime Club People! What’s on the playlist next time (Jan.15)?


Today: Teen/ Tween Gaming @ Greenfield & Anime Club @ Sugar Creek!

Lots of great stuff going on at both library branches after school today!

At Sugar Creek: ANIME CLUB, 3:30 – 5:30! We’re making bento boxes!


At Greenfield: TEEN/TWEEN GAMING, 4-6! Bambi (the undefeated champ) is ready to take on any challengers for Twister.

And I will be battling anyone who thinks they can beat me at Injustice: Gods Among Us.

(You’re going down..)?? 🙂


See you after school!