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Page Turners Community Filming Rescheduled

teen summer movie

For those who haven’t seen or heard yet, the community filming day for the Page Turners movie has been rescheduled due to weather. The new filming day will be on June 27, 1-3pm. Come dressed in your best superhero (or villain) costume and be an extra in this year’s movie.

Learn more on the library’s website or follow this link to the library’s event page.

Winter Reading FUN!

The Teen Winter Reading Club is underway! HUZZAH!


Read any book or attend any library program during February and get a chance to win these fabulous prizes:

1. Magical Unicorn (unicorn mask and hooves + bubble wand)


2. Caffeinated Reader (Amazon gift card + Starbucks gift card & travel mug)


3. Gamers Galore (GameStop gift certificate + pizza gift card + Minecraft sword)


4. Reader’s Reward (pick 5 books from YA book stash)


Click here to sign up today & start earning chances to win today!

Today’s program that will earn you a chance to win a prize:

Join us as we make fun of this B-movie bomb! Hate to love it or love to hate it – We’ll be poking fun at this movie by tweeting witty remarks to the movie screen!

See you later B-movie goers!






Hi – Amazing Movies Coming in 2015



After pulling myself off the floor from my major fangirling-freak-out over this glorious news, I proceeded to watch these upcoming movie trailers again and again. If you haven’t had the chance to see them yet, enjoy, and if you have, enjoy again!

Chris Pratt in another sure-to-be-amazing-role! Genetically engineered dinosaurs – What could POSSIBLY go wrong?? Hahaa.

Frimmin on the frim fram!

Your fangirling librarian,
– Sarah Skywalker/ Clever Girl