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Happy Shark Week!


A little fun fact about myself: I love sharks. They are fascinating to me, and I love this time of year when the Discovery Channel holds their annual Shark Week. I will get minimal fun-reading done this week because my time not spent at the library will be parked in front of my TV watching sharks.

Not only does this week highlight one of the ocean’s top apex predators, but it provides information on many reputable oceanic conservation organizations and movements.

Check out the Top 10 Shark Conservation Projects complied by Discovery Channel and the 20 Ways Sharks Help Humans.

Respect the shark and he will give you a high-five! How awesome is this photo?!

One person CAN make a difference whether it’s for sharks, rainforests, world hunger – whatever your passion. Go forth into the world and do good! 🙂


Happy Shark Week!

Sarah, currently reading Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan