Reciprocal Borrowing with Fortville Library

Do you live in Fortville, or elsewhere in Vernon Township? Good news - you can get a library card at HCPL! Simply bring your Fortville-Vernon Township Public Library card and proof of address (such as a Driver's License) into any of our locations and we'll gladly sign you up for a Hancock County Public Library card.

HCPL does not directly serve Vernon Township. When countywide library service began in 1999, the Fortville-Vernon Township Public Library opted to remain independent rather than merge with our library. However, in the spirit of information freedom and open access to services, HCPL and the Fortville-Vernon Township Public Library offer reciprocal borrowing. Those residing in Vernon Township can get free access to all of HCPL's materials and services by first obtaining a card at the Fortville Library, and then signing up for a card at HCPL. Likewise, all HCPL cardholders may obtain a Fortville Library card.

Fortville/Vernon Township Public Library

625 East Broadway
Fortville, IN 46040
Phone: 317-485-6402
Fax: 317-485-4084