Policy Regarding Use Of Rooms
For Non-Library-Sponsored Activities

Room reservation requests are now handled through our online Room Reservation Calendar. To put in a room reservation request, follow these steps:

  1. Select room of your choice by checking it on the left, then hit refresh.
  2. Use the calendar to choose month and date.
  3. Check off time needed including set-up and break-down.
  4. Complete registration form and submit.
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation via e-mail that your request has been approved pending payment of deposit.

Use of Rooms Policy

The Hancock County Public Library makes available certain space for use to non-library sponsored activities by civic, cultural, governmental, educational, political, or religious groups for non-commercial and non-profit purposes. Both the meeting and study rooms and the computer lab are available for such use; all other library space is reserved for library-sponsored activities.

The Central Library has available the GBC Community Room, capacity 200 persons, which can be used as one large room or separated into two rooms. The Sugar Creek Branch has available the Eli Lilly Technology Room, capacity 32 persons. Study rooms, capacity 6 or 8, are also available at the Central Library.

General Policies

  1. Groups’ use of meeting and study rooms must not interfere in the library’s operations or minimize or disrupt the use and enjoyment of the library by its patrons.
  2. The library does not promote or endorse the views of any particular group or its policies, practices, or principles, irrespective of the forum in which they are presented.
  3. Meeting rooms cannot be used for:
    1. Personal and family activities
    2. Promoting or conducting gambling activity
    3. Any illegal activity
  4. The final decision pertaining to the use of the meeting and study rooms will rest with theDirector. The library may impose reasonable time, place, and restrictions on the use of library meeting and study rooms.
  5. No alcoholic beverages, use of tobacco or illegal drugs are permitted anywhere on library property.
  6. No office supplies are included with room rental. Coin operated public copiers and fee based FAX service is available. A Polycom unit is available for conference calls but a technology fee will be added. Groups must provide a pre-paid calling card for long distance calls.
  7. Users must leave the meeting rooms and the kitchen in original condition when the meeting ends.
  8. Items are not to be attached to walls, ceilings, or any other library property.
  9. The library reserves the right to change or cancel meeting and study room reservations at any time.
  10. At library board discretion, recognized universities and colleges will be allowed to conduct educational and employment training classes without paying the standard room rent that is similarly charged to private groups or entities. For such purposes the library board reserves the right of discretion to determine the frequency of the use of library rooms and facilities.
  11. All advertisements for programs held in the meeting rooms must state: NOT SPONSORED by HANCOCK COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY.


  1. Meeting and study rooms are available only during normal library hours, and meetings must adjourn fifteen minutes before closing.
  2. Use of meeting rooms will not be allowed to interfere with normal library operations.
  3. Adults must reserve a meeting room, and minors must be supervised by a responsible adult before, during, and following the activity.
  4. Advance arrangements must be made to use the library’s available technology. A complete list of available technology may be found in the library's room reservation system.

Meeting Rooms

  1. Reservations at the Central Library may be made in advance by calling the information desk at (317) 462-5141, ext. 240. Reservations at the Sugar Creek Branch can also be made in advance by calling (317) 861-6618.
  2. Reservations must be made one week prior to the date requested.
  3. Reservations are taken in the order received and will not be booked more than two (2) months in advance.
  4. A group may not schedule more than four (4) meetings in a calendar year in the Central Library’s GBC Community Room or the branch's Eli Lilly Technology room without special permission from the Director.

Computer Lab, Central Library

HCPL will make the computer lab available to outside groups in an attempt to utilize the facility to its maximum potential. Availability is dependent on the schedule of library-sponsored classes, training and maintenance. In addition to the “Policy Regarding Use of Rooms for Non-Library-Sponsored Activities,” the following apply:

  1. The computer lab is intended for classroom education and requires an instructor (non-HCPL staff) to be in the room at all times.
  2. Use is limited to the software and programs already available on the computers. Other software may not be installed.
  3. To ensure the safety of minors, the library will run a background check on all adult instructors and chaperones working with those under the age of 18.
  4. Search information must be submitted to the library at least 10 days prior to the scheduled class session. An incomplete background check will result in cancellation of the session. Cost of the background check will be paid by the sponsoring group requesting use of the room.
  5. HCPL’s Policy on Patron Behavior and Policy on Unattended Children apply, and sponsoring groups or individuals will be held responsible to ensure that there are no violations.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are also available at the Central Library. The following apply to the scheduling and use of study rooms.

  1. Study rooms may not be reserved more than one week in advance.
  2. Study rooms users are limited to two hours per day. The library reserves the right, based on community demand, to limit the number of days a group or individual may reserve a study room if necessary to serve the community’s needs equitably.
  3. Study rooms may be reserved at the Central Library in advance by phoning the information desk at (317) 462-5141, ext. 240. Reservations may also be made in person and must be confirmed in person by checking in at the information desk.
  4. There is no charge for the use of study rooms.
  5. The study room user must have a Library card or if asked, show personal identification at the time of the use of the study room.
  6. Users will be held responsible for any damage to a study room.

Damage Deposit Fee

All damage deposits will be deposited within 24 hours of receipt. A refund check will be issued within 14 days after the date of the meeting or after the room use fees have been received, whichever comes later.

  1. A $30 damage deposit is required for use of the library’s meeting rooms and computer lab.
    1. Deposit must be made within 5 business days of the original reservation request.
    2. Payments may be made in person (cash, check, or credit card) or by mail. If the deposit is not received within 5 business days (M-F), the reservation will be canceled on the 6th business day.
    3. The deposit is refundable after deductions for damages, if any. Additional clean-up, stain removal, or damage in excess of the deposit will be billed to the group; and the full amount must be paid before another reservation will be approved.
  2. If the group fails to pay the billed damages, the Library reserves the right to pursue all legal remedies including costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.
  3. Organizations or individuals canceling room reservations less than 24 hours before the event may forfeit the room deposit. Any technology or room use fees that have been paid in advance will be refunded. The library reserves the right to review each cancellation on a case-by-case basis.

Room Use Fees

  1. All fees must be paidbefore or on the date of the meeting.
  2. Indiana sales tax will be charged on meeting room fees with the exception of non-profit organizations that present an Indiana Department of Revenue General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate at the time of payment. Without the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, tax will be charged to non-profit organizations.
  3. Per-use fees are assessed in increments of 4 hours.

Meeting Rooms, GBC Community Room A & B

  1. Monday through Friday: $25.00 per side per use.
  2. Saturday and Sunday: $30.00 per side per use.

Computer Lab, Central Library

  1. The following fee schedule applies:
    1. 1-10 people, $40 per hour
    2. 11-20 people, $80 per hour
  2. Groups are expected to adhere to the time(s) reserved when using the facility. Additional fees can be incurred if class times exceed those requested. Fees will be assessed at the rate of $10 for each 15 minutes beyond the scheduled time.


  1. Monday through Friday: flat fee of $30.00.
  2. Saturday and Sunday: flat fee of $50.00.
  3. Technologist on hand to assist throughout event: $30.00 per hour.

Kitchen and Refreshments.

  1. There is a flat fee of $15.00 to use the kitchen.
  2. Refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages may be served only in the meeting rooms. Food and drinks are not to be taken elsewhere in the building.
  3. Groups must bring their own set-ups (e.g., plates, silverware, cups, napkins, coffee, and condiments).
  4. The kitchen adjacent to the GBC Community Room is equipped with counters, sink, electrical outlets, refrigerator, oven, microwave, and a coffee maker. The kitchen is not designed to accommodate preparing and serving full meals, so the use of a caterer is recommended.
  5. The kitchen must be cleaned and left in the same condition as found.

Loss or Damage.

The Library assumes no responsibility for loss or damage arising from the use of the meeting rooms by the group members or guests.

This policy is subject to revision at the discretion of the Hancock County Public Library.

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