1. For item charges, see the Loan of Materials page.
  2. Items returned late in the book deposit box are subject to fines.
  3. Fines are not charged for days that the library is closed.
  4. Fines on each item will not exceed the current replacement cost of the item.
  5. An overdue fine of $.25 per day is charged for each item borrowed through interlibrary loan. (See “Interlibrary Loan Policy” for other fees.)
  6. In lieu of fines, the library may, from time to time, designate a "Food for Fines" or other fine reduction program. Fines do NOT include replacement fees for lost or damaged materials and/or card replacement fees.
  7. The library will allow a one-time fine removal for a parent of a new child, through the use of our "Baby Wipes" card. This card is received by all new mothers that deliver babies at Hancock Regional Hospital at the time of discharge. The "Baby Wipe" card may be applied to only one parent's account and is not for the removal of fees associated with lost/damaged materials, outstanding items, or accounts turned over to collection.
  8. Fines may be paid in-person, or with a credit card over the phone or through a secure online form.

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