How to get a Library Card:
PLAC (Public Library Access Card)

The Public Library Access Card (PLAC) is the name for the statewide library card, enacted by (Indiana Code 4-23-7.1-5.1). The PLAC program allows an individual to borrow materials directly from any public library in Indiana.

  1. The PLAC may be purchased from any public library in Indiana at an annual rate established by the state legislature. It may be used to borrow materials directly from any public library in the state. Patrons are responsible for returning borrowed materials to the lending library. Patrons will follow the rules and regulations for the lending library when borrowing materials.
  2. Persons applying for PLAC borrowing privileges at Hancock County Public Library will need to fill out a registration form and present a valid PLAC from their home library or their home library card. A Hancock County Public Library card and a PLAC, if necessary, will be issued.
  3. New PLAC cards will be mailed to verify address. All rules and regulations applying to resident card holders will apply to PLAC borrowers.
  4. Cards are not transferable.
  5. Questions? See additional information about the Public Library Access Card (PLAC) on