Digital-Access Library Numbers for Students

The Hancock County Public Library has issued digital-access numbers to all students whose parents gave permission at school registration.

The digital access number is separate from the full access, plastic card a student uses to check out both physical and digital items from the library.

Need help finding your digital-access number? Watch a quick tutorial:

Here are key things to know about digital-access numbers:

  • These numbers only grant digital access. The number allows a student to use the library's online databases (such as Brainfuse, World Book, CultureGrams) and digital catalogs (such as OverDrive, TumbleBooks, hoopla, and Kanopy).
  • Borrowing physical items requires a traditional, full-access library card. Students wanting a full access card may apply in person at one of our locations. They may use both their digital access number and their traditional, full access card. (Live outside of Hancock County? Apply for a non-resident student card).
  • The digital-access numbers can be found in the student's online portal (such as Skyward or Powerschool) in a field created by your school's system administrator.
  • The digital-access numbers are good for 13 years. So the numbers will stay with the students for their entire school career.

Overall, we hope these digital-access numbers become an asset you can add to your lesson plans. Students having trouble finding quality sources may utilize our databases. Digital access will give you more options for assigned reading. And students who could benefit from extra homework help may communicate with online tutors through Brainfuse.

If you have questions or run into issues using the digital-access numbers, please contact Access Services Manager Cody Flood.