How to get a Library Card:
Non-Resident Student Card

The Hancock County Public Library has issued digital-access numbers to all students whose parents gave permission at school registration. See how to find and use your digital-access library number here.

Anyone permanently residing in Hancock County is eligible for a free, full-access library card. See how to get a library card here.

If you do not live in Hancock County, and attend a Hancock County school, you may apply for a Non-Resident Student card.

  1. Students attending a Hancock County school or private kindergarten that do not reside within Hancock County are eligible for a student card with the Hancock County Public Library. Daycare and Preschool students are not eligible for this card. Student cards will expire August 31 each year and may be renewed annually.
  2. A person younger than 13 years of age may apply for a student card. The parent/legal guardian must be present to sign the application, present valid identification, proof of residency and school enrollment verification. The juvenile applicant does not need to be present.
  3. Optionally, a person 13 to 17 years of age may apply for a student card without a parent/legal guardian present. The juvenile applicant must complete an application, present valid identification and school enrollment verification. The juvenile’s parent/legal guardian will be notified by mail that their child has applied for a juvenile library card.
  4. Any student enrolled in a Hancock County school (K-12) will have the option to receive digital-only access to library resources during the school registration process. Digital only access will be valid for 13 years.
  5. Cards are not transferable.